Talk about a major let-down.


About two weeks after giving birth to my son, I went shopping to buy some nursing bras.  I had heard years before that when a nursing mother hears a baby cry, even one that isn’t hers, she will express milk.  Sure enough, I was in a changing room, leaning over to put on a bra when I heard a baby cry and my boobs went crazy, spraying milk everywhere.  No matter how hard I pressed against them with my arms, the milk was leaking faster than I could stop the flow.  I didn’t have anything with me to dry myself.  I saw a piece of tissue, the kind that’s inside a brand new shoe, lying on the floor, so I used that to wipe myself down.  I was able to find a bra and get dressed but left feeling sticky from the dried up milk on my arms and hands.  The carpet got a nice squirt, too.

Kathy, mother of 5

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