The power of the “military voice”


A friend of ours, who is a military veteran, once disciplined our daughter for slamming a door in anger at his home. After checking with us, he used his “Military Voice” with her. It left a deep impression, so when she acts up, sometimes we say, “Should we call Sergeant B?”

She says, “No, don’t speak of it!” It’s a very unusual phrase for a six-year-old.

Dave, father of 3

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  1. Haha! in our home, we call it the “Jack Bauer” voice. If you’ve seen the series “24”, you’ll know Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has the ability to say “Now” with a certain sense of urgency and authority, that even I, a viewer at home, sit up a little straighter. When things need to get done in a hurry, and the kids are dawdling, I definitely find myself attempting to channel Jack Bauer. Of course, he was trying to stop some catastrophic terrorist event, I’m just trying to get the kids to the grocery store…but still…


  2. Kids don’t need a lot of information on certain topics, but they understand much more than parents often give them credit for. . .
    When our daughter was about 2, she was playing with a friend who suddenly said, “Oh, sh*t!”, followed by, “That’s just Army talk”.
    We sat our little one down and explained what ”Army talk’ was, and that sometimes grownups used words that weren’t polite. We wanted her to be able to play with friends she liked, but sometimes they might say things that aren’t appropriate. And if she (our daughter) were to use words like that at someone else’s house, she might not be allowed to play with her friend any more.
    She listened carefully, since keeping her friends was an understandable and potent incentive to her.
    She NEVER used swear words!
    She’s now 22, and still doesn’t. . .
    Mom of 1 great blessing of a daughter


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