How low can I shrink down in my seat?


Up front in choir performances at church, my sons have done it all as 5-6 year olds: yawning, wiggling, picking their nose, not participating, mouthing the words in an exaggerated manner.  One particularly wiggly demonstration led me to feel more embarrassed than usual until a older man behind me said, “That’s what I like to see! He’s all boy!” He was obviously referring to our son. I doubt everyone in the audience was as amused, however.

Janene, mother of two

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  1. As the mother of 3 grown sons who wiggled and yawned, they still learned. They have scripture quoting contests at family get togethers and they remember sermons I had forgotten. Moving doesn’t stop listening, they multitask, too. Just keep them in the Word. It will pay.


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