Shiver me timbers! It’s a diaper emergency!


One time, when I had just three, ages 4, 2, and 8 months, I went home to my parents without my husband.  I was a little nervous about the 4 hour drive with the little ones, but I knew I could make it without a stop. Or so I thought.

My youngest got a stinky diaper and proceeded to stick her hand in it (it was summer and she was in a romper).  It smelled, and she was dirty… and she was a thumb sucker!  I pulled quickly off the highway in order to see to this poop-tastrophe. As I was changing the diaper in the car in the parking lot of a gas station, my oldest started pointing out the car door and saying, “It’s a pirate! It’s a pirate!”  I said something like, “Um hmm, that’s nice.” But she got more excited saying, “Mommy, the pirate!” so I turned around.  

A motorcycle enthusiast, a strong man with a bandanna around his head, was approaching fast and startled me.  He thought I needed help since my oldest was pointing at him and calling for him.  I was a little embarrassed, but thankful for his kindness.  We still laugh about it today.

Debi, mother of 5

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