As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, Part 2


More stories from Cecilia:

1. While passing a bird’s nest around for my students to touch and explore, one of my students raises her hand: “Shouldn’t we all wash our hands after we touch this?” I assured her that was the plan, and one student raises her hand, “How come we need to wash our hands after touching birds’ nests? Are there little toilets in birds’ nests?” Another student shakes his head and rolls his eyes, “No way. Birds poop on cars!”

2. One of my girl and boy students were distracting each other during a lesson at carpet time, so I told the boy to move to the other side of the carpet to hopefully cut down on the distractions. As he crawled to the other side of the carpet, his female “partner in crime” watches him as he crawls away, shakes her head and whispers, “He’s soooooo handsome.” She then scoots next to the boy who is now next to her, takes his hand, and with a reassuring look in her eyes says, “I like you. You’re my husband.”

3. I asked one of my students to dim the lights for prayer one day, and once she arrived to the classroom light switch panel, she hesitates and turns back to me, “Miss C., which one is the garbage disposal switch?” Luckily, I had a piece of paper in my hands which proved very handy for covering up my laughter! Throughout the year, my students became aware of this ploy of mine in trying to hide my laughter, but they always ended up bursting into laughter anyway when they saw the paper go up to my face! Many times they would ask, after they’d gotten the giggles out, ‘What was so funny anyway, Miss C?”

4. One of my boys, after using the bathroom in the classroom, came out and announced to the me and the rest of the class, “I just met a new friend in the bathroom.” Baffled, as it was only a one person bathroom, I looked quizzically at him. “Oh yeah?” He smiled as he sat down back at his desk, “He is a spider, Miss C.”

5. One of my students to another student: “Miss C. doesn’t do any work; she only teaches.”

6. In my school secretary days, I had a mother come in and ask if I could keep an eye on her two girls while she ran a quick errand to another one of her children’s classrooms. We wandered back to the principal’s office to say hi and chat for a bit. The principal asked the girls, ‘So what are you two up to today?” The older of the two patted her younger sister on the head and replied, “Well, my mom isn’t here right now, and I’m her owner while my mom is gone.”

7. Talking about the different pre-schools they’d attended, one of my students shakes her head and whispers to me, “You know, Miss C, I never went to preschool. The thing is, I never wanted to be a priest anyway.”

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