As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, Part 1


Special thanks to my dear friend Cecilia for providing these.

1. During “news time” one day, one of my students–the most “drama queen” of all drama queens–at her turn to share exciting or interesting news, stands up, and eyes squinted, determined look on her face says to the class, “Listen up, mortals, and hear me well!” Not having planned what else she was going to say, pauses a bit nervously and breaks into an impromptu tune: (pointing her finger at all the boys in the circle) “I will be marrying one of you boys in this room one day. Not sure which yet, but I have never been married before.”

2. Sometimes I would sing to my students while they worked on a project, and at one point during a song, I noticed one of my boys had stopped his project altogether and was gazing dreamily at me. He shakes his head and sighs, “Oh, Miss C., you sound like a little girl who has been singing for 10,000 years.”

3. Another time while playing an instrumental youtube song for my students while they worked, this same student, so full of unbridled  emotion, bursts out, “Miss C., this song just makes me want to hug my little sister SO badly!”

4. Within the first few days of school, still learning the names of my students, but trying my best to use their names for acknowledgment purposes, I was circulating the room and encouraging my students on their project they were working on. I put my hand on one students shoulder and said to her, “Good job, Dako…,” stopping mid-sentence as I realized I’d used the wrong name. Not missing a beat, this student, looks up at me and eyes so big and serious says, “You can just call me Rapunzel if you want.” It’s hard to hysterically laugh silently, but I did–as I immediately rushed to the window and looked out, so as not to disturb my students work!

5. Struggling with even and odd numbers, I knelt down at one of my students’ desks to give him a little extra attention on the concept. I pointed to the first number on his page and attempting to gauge where to begin, “Even or odd?” I asked. Scowling and obviously frustrated, he replies, “Evil.”

6. Circulating the room one day, looking at my kids’ work, I told a number of them, “Your work is looking very beautiful.” One of my boys anxiously holds up his work, “How about mine? Isn’t mine beautiful?” Another boy, sitting next to this boy whispers back, ‘You’re a BOY! You don’t want your work to look ‘beautiful’!”

7. During a lesson on health of our bodies, we got on the topic of discussing bruises. One of my students asks, “What is a bruise?” Another eager student begs for me to let him have the opportunity to share the answer. His answer to the question? ‘A bruise is…a bruise.” Upon which he sits back satisfied in his explanation.

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