The importance of knowing proper anatomy


At the time when my oldest daughter was potty training, I was watching my friend’s little boy regularly. He was about the same age as my daughter, so my friend asked if I could help potty train him, as well. Often being in the bathroom at the same time, my daughter noticed the difference between her pee place and the boy’s. Since she asked, I told her the proper terminology.

Days later, in line at the grocery store, I learned just how much my daughter had gleaned from my potty training lessons with the boy.Behind us was a young man who couldn’t control the need to adjust himself. Seeing this, my daughter, two, and looking even younger, said loudly and sternly, “Quit playing with your penis!”

The man looked completely shocked at this tiny little girl admonishing him with such tone and language. I simply pretended not to have heard. And believe it or not, this scenario has played out many times, in various public places! Alicia, mother of 4

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