Kids say the cutest things


A little after our son turned one, I said to him, “Hi Max!” And he said back to me, “Hi Sweetie.” Hannah, mother of 2

With every new child, especially when he or she reaches the crawling stage, we tell our older children to be careful not to drop any small, chokable objects on the floor. When on an airplane with my four-year-old, she looked down at all the cars, trees, and buildings below us. “Look, dad,” she said, “chokables!”  Steve, father of 8

“I love you even when I do sumpin’ bad,” said my naughty but irresistibly sweet three-year-old son. -Janene, mother of 2

At bed time once, resting on our younger son’s bed with him, he stared intently at my face, and asked if I had wrinkles.  As a slightly older mom, I had a few, and I launched into why people get wrinkles.  His response?  “I want some!” Janene, mother of 2

After that horrible tsunami hit Japan, my four-year-old son asked, “Mom, why does everyone keep talking about the big salami?” Nicole, mother of 8

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