Breaking the silence…among other things


When my son was four-months-old, we went to a friend’s baptism and sat in one of the front pews. During the ceremony, the deacon asked for a moment of silence for a young man who’d recently been killed. The church then became dead silent in extreme sadness and prayer. The “moment” of silence ended up lasting a lengthy and extremely awkward three or four minutes. Not long after the silence began my son started grunting and groaning and making all kinds of the most awful and extremely un-cute noises that commenced with the loudest and most drawn out poop in all of history, which echoed throughout the church for all to hear. We were so embarrassed, but at the same time, the timing and how innocent our son was looking in his church clothes, my husband and I were shaking in our pew. Neither of us had ever fought so hard and so unsuccessfully to control our laughter. I had tears rolling down my face. We were so relieved when the “moment” of silence finally ended. Hannah, mother of 2

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