Well, she was asking for it.

I was herding children out of the children’s library section when my four-year-old son, with my permission, ran slightly ahead to the elevator and pressed the button.  The doors immediately opened so he went in.  It is a very small library, so there was no danger of him getting into too much trouble.  He knew how to work the elevator buttons and I could see the bottom of the stairs from where we were.  However, a well meaning woman stuck her hand between the doors and prevented them from closing because he was by himself.  Obviously in the mind of my son this was a stupid thing for her to do, so he bluntly told her, “You’re stupid!”
I got the most horrified, “what are you going to do about this?” look from that woman.  I hastily mumbled an apology and made all the children take the stairs.  This lady was probably also horrified I didn’t make Martial apologize but I was too exhausted to make a scene making him apologize when in his mind what she had done was stupid.   Ah well! ~Anne, mother of 4

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