Water breaking is no laughing matter


I heard of a woman whose water broke while getting a pedicure. She waddled off to the bathroom with the foam still between her toes.

Another woman’s water broke at home.  When her husband met her at the hospital, opening the car door for her, the water flowed out onto the parking lot!

When I was pregnant with my second child, I was frequently constipated. It often took a half hour of sitting on the toilet before I was finished. On one such occasion, my three-year-old son, came in saying he needed to use the potty. I could tell he meant business, and therefore my time to try and relax my bowels into moving was over. He needed the toilet, so I pushed as hard as I could, and there broke my water. I had no choice but to get off the potty so my son could have his turn. There I was, fiddling with his pants, getting him on the seat, and reading books to him, as he also takes nearly a half hour to finish his business, all the while water is gushing out of me. When he was finally done and we got to the hospital, the nurse didn’t believe me that my water had broken. “Sometimes women just pee themselves a little bit and think it’s their water breaking,” she said. I would have liked to show her the pond I left on the bathroom floor, but when we she saw the stack of saturated towels below me, she was finally convinced. Lisa, mother of 2


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