Pronunciation is key


When reading, my daughter sometimes mixes up her b’s and d’s. When this happens I’ll say, “What’s the word?” She usually then looks again and corrects herself. Today she came across the word “ditch.” Naturally, this would be a word for which she’d mistake the d for a b. When she said the word incorrectly, I, with a straight face, said, “What’s the word?” She apparently this time took my question to mean, “I can’t hear you.” So, instead of correcting herself, she yelled, “Bitch!”

My son did that once with “ship”. I have no idea why he was confused with “p” and “t”, but with that, I could not keep a straight face. He was so determined and proud of himself for reading the word…nice and loud. I smiled really big, trying to keep from bursting out in laughter, but he corrected himself when I asked him to look at the letters again. I’m glad he didn’t ask what the other word meant.” Gina, mother of 8

I was driving two of my sons and my son’s friend home from school one day. The friend was in the passenger seat listening as the boys in the back passed back and forth a bag of Skittles. My younger son, however, wasn’t quite able to pronounce the “sk” sound. He kept asking his brother to pass the “Shittles.” The poor boy in the seat next to me wanted to be polite, but was obviously having trouble keeping his composure. Finally I told him, “It’s okay. You can laugh. I know it’s funny.” Betsy, mother of 6

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  1. LOVE these – I so can relate… and we are still in the gut busting stage with our son. I will be sad when there are no more mishaps to cause unexpected peels of laughter by my husband – hidden around the corner, while I try to keep a straight face and deal with the little “mishap” 🙂


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