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They are only little once hug and love on them as much as you can -give them the ability to do life skills on their own -have lots of kids size “real” stuff (pots, pans, utensils, cleaning tools -sleep when the baby… sleeps and ask for help (that’s why people offer, it’s not a sign of weakness and it’s better for you) -don’t stress about a clean house…you have children and they live there too -Mom’s can’t be Wonder Woman, but we can sure try. Ashley, mother of 1

I read somewhere that when you are up for the bazillionth time in any given night you can choose to be tired, or tired and angry/frustrated. Being just tired is far better. This bit of advice got me through back to back infants followed by a toddler who just didn’t sleep. Cookie, mother of 2

Enjoy them. They grow up way too fast! I have two boys and wish I could live some of the awesome moments again. Mindy, mother of 2

Don’t sweat the small stuff… like your kids getting dirty or toys everywhere is something that is inevitable…enjoy your kids instead of sweating over little things… They are only little for a short time. Marisa, mother of 2

Pray for your children, who they are supposed to be, their friends and so on. Gina, mother of 3

The biggest thing I have struggled with is having enough patience to deal with the daily situations without raising my blood pressure. Make sure to make time for yourself and your relationship with your spouse so that you can handle what comes along. Katharine, mother of 2

Safety pin your children’s socks together. Or, better yet, have your children safety pin their socks together themselves whenever they take their socks off and before they are thrown in the wash. It makes life much much easier when the socks are already paired. And it makes it much much harder for the dryer to eat one! Christine, mother of 6

I think it is important to take the time to really know your children–their strengths and weaknesses as well as their unique personalities, and deal with them accordingly.  I think children in a family are often treated the same or the expectations are the same, which isn’t always effective or fair. Kathy, mother of 5
Apologize and ask for forgiveness when you have done wrong or handled a situation inappropriately. It is good role modeling, gives them an opportunity to forgive, and shows them humility. Kathy, mother of 5
Take the time to take advantage of the many opportunities each day in which to teach your child something about life–dealing with disappointments, celebrating joys, being grateful, how to handle tough situations, practicing virtues, how to dress, talk and behave–the list is endless. It’s amazing how many people really don’t do it because of not being mindful, present, too busy, too selfish or lazy. Kathy, mother of 5
Teach your children how to cope with stressful or difficult situations. So many kids are unable to deal with difficulties, and they crumble over the slightest setback. Kathy, mother of 5

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