Milking the child’s quirks

One morning, on the way to go shopping, Daddy bought Martial a bicycle helmet at a garage sale.
Martial liked the helmet, especially when he wore it backwards.  He decided to wear the helmet everywhere he went… all day long.
At the first store, a lady saw Martial smacking himself hard on the head.  (That’s what helmets are for.)  She asked Daddy, “Is your son alright?”
“Not really,” said Daddy.
“Here, have some suckers,” she said.
At the next store, a nice lady saw Martial banging his head against the checkout counter.  (Helmets are great for that.)  She asked Daddy, “Does your son have seizures?”
“No,” said Daddy, “but he gives his mother fits.”
“Poor dears,” she said.  “Let me give you a discount.”
At the blueberry patch, the farmer asked Daddy, “Did your son have brain surgery?”
“Not yet,” said Daddy.  Then the farmer gave them free blueberries.
As they ate their free blueberries, Martial said, “I love my new helmet.”
“So do I,” said Daddy.  “Let’s go shopping again tomorrow.”
Liam, father of 4

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