Hey! Giving birth over here!


When I was in labor at the hospital, O.J. Simpson was driving his white Bronco down a long stretch of highway, being chased by police cars and helicopters. Footage of this was on the TV in the delivery room. All the adults standing in the room were enthralled watching the screen. I just laid there, waiting for them to remember that there was a woman about to give birth in the room! Eventually they came to and lent a hand. No, I did not name my baby after O.J! ~Betsy, mother of 6

I was in the middle of one those 72-hour labors that you normally only see on television. During this time, a slew of doctors and nurses paraded through my hospital room to “check” me. It was getting so old that I eventually snapped. A young doctor came in and asked if he could have a look. I responded, “Sure, why not? Everyone else in this building has!” ~Claire, mother of 5

It is a rare woman indeed who looks anything near presentable after giving birth. As I was in the hallway being wheeled from the delivery room to the recovery room, I had the pleasure of meeting my husband’s favorite aunt for the first time. What a wonderful impression I must have made! ~Heidi, mother of 2

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