Getting to the bottom of things


I was in the bathroom the other day, and very loudly Grace, who is 2, said, “Mommy you have fuzzy buns.” Then she had to repeat it many times of course. Jackie, mother of 4

For some reason, my children choose the most inopportune times to make their innocent observations.  When my eldest was learning to potty train, she was often afraid to use the ‘big toilet’ for fear of falling in.  Her bottom was quite tiny, and she would grasp the toilet seat firmly with both hands, so as to not fall in.  My bottom, however,  is on the bigger side of smallish.  When my daughter was around 3 years old, she was in the public bathroom stall with me, and as I struggled to pull down my pants and sit on the toilet (with little room to maneuver in the stall), she quickly (and loudly) observed: “Mommy!  Your bum is way too big for that toilet!  It falls over the edge!”  Of course, I waited until everyone else in the bathroom had flushed, washed and dried before I even stepped out of that stall! Anita, mother of 5

Recently, while vacationing with my family, I was experiencing some sort of intestinal bug.  Unfortunately (for my family and anyone else within a ten foot radius), the gas associated with this bug was especially troublesome!  While happily splashing in the lake one sunny afternoon with my children, I thought surely, being submerged in the lake, I could safely pass gas without offending anyone.  Not so.  I was holding my 2 year old when the terrible gas pain occurred.  Certainly, she wouldn’t notice the bubbles.  Nope.  She didn’t.  But what she did notice was the awful odor that came wafting up, out of the water!  “Mommy!!!  Sniff, sniff, sniff….”  Oh, I hoped she wouldn’t say anything.  Are you kidding?  Daughter: “Oh Mommy!  You smell like caca!!!” Anita, mother of 5

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