Do I get a pension plan?


One night after dinner Christian started begging for ice cream.  It was late so I told him he would have to wait until the next day.  He wasn’t happy about this.  He continued to beg, “Mom, please, just give me a chance.”  I continued to say “no” while biting my lip not to laugh at his dramatic pleas.  He then said to me, “Okay, Mom, you’re fired!”  Maybe he’s been watching, The Apprentice. Wow, even Donald Trump isn’t that tough! Kathy, mother of 5

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  1. This reminded me of an ice cream story…

    When Sarah was about two, she went to the freezer and took out the 1/2 gallon container of ice cream and put it on the counter. Too tired to deal with the situation properly, I simply asked “Would you like a bowl?” Sarah responded “No, a spoon.”


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