Airport shuttle service with a little something extra


A friend of ours who lives two hours away had an early flight from the airport near us, so we let him spend the night and would take him to the airport in the morning. We gave him our son’s bed and made our son share with his younger brother. During the night, our youngest decided to crawl into bed with her big brother, not knowing that she was actually bunking with our house guest. Our friend was awakened by her entrance, but not bothered, and she left a little while later during the night. The next morning, on the way to the airport, our guest mentioned the incident. I laughed and apologized. He said it was no problem but that I should check the sheets because he thought she wet the bed. Indeed, when I returned home I found a puddle toward the side of the bed. And the poor man hadn’t gotten a chance to shower before his flight! Miguel, father of 6

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