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Lather, … wait. What are the next two steps?


Before Mass on Sunday I lined the boys up to cut their hair. When I finished the last one’s, the 8-year-old’s, I told him to quickly shower to get all the loose hairs out. Instead of showering, he decided to wash his hair in the sink. It wasn’t until I was walking behind him on the way up to Communion that I saw the matted sections of hair from where he had put shampoo, but obviously not rinsed it out very well. In addition Read the rest of this entry


I’d like to confess the thought I’m having right now, too.


I was having my confession heard at a monastery by a priest whom I consider to be very holy.  I had my young son with me.  From past experience, I knew he could be rather disruptive during this time, so I thought putting him in a stroller would help harness his energy. I thought I was so smart putting his toy cars on his tray along with some goldfish to eat. “Great, he has everything he needs to be a good boy while I talk to Father,” I thought.  I was sadly mistaken.  Read the rest of this entry

Mass appeal


These two stories are from Leslie, mother of 4

My son hated going to Mass, and I mean hated! On his fifth birthday I told him we were going to a birthday party, which we were, but I didn’t tell him that we were first going to daily Mass. We made our way into the church and sat down among all the old women before Read the rest of this entry

Even kids understand advertising, unfortunately.


My five-year-old son made a comment the other day about my AXE body wash bottle. It has a cartoon that shows a guy washing, and in the next slide, shows him with two girls with their arm around him. My son’s comments to this: Read the rest of this entry

Mystery Solved!


It was actually broccoli that had clogged the bathroom sink drain. I guess my five-year-old son’s “emergency” runs to the bathroom during dinner were the cover for a much bigger vegetable-disappearing conspiracy!

And he lost his tooth today. I think that the tooth fairy is going to leave a little note (and maybe a little broccoli) stating the importance of eating healthy!

Sally, mother of 3

Business and babies don’t always mix.


Mario seen wearing the Tanooki Suit. The suit ...

Every Thursday morning I have a conference call for approximately an hour with my boss and 6 or 7 coworkers. I’m a stay-at-home mom working part-time from home, so my phone calls are from home–where my three little kids are, too. Read the rest of this entry