Today I did my part to save the world


There was a bee on the window screen. Naturally, I wanted it to stay on the screen and to not fly around the house. Seeing it, my children would no doubt freak out and start climbing up the chimney to get away. So I did what any sensible woman would do in this situation: I quickly shut the window and went about my business. I figured I could just “wait the bee out.”

That only lasted a few seconds, actually. I took two steps and then looked back at it pitifully buzzing, silently now, and banging itself first against the screen, then the glass, and back again, over and over. “Poor thing!” I thought, though still unrepentant.

Then I remembered that bees have been in short supply in recent years. [Silent buzz. Bang. Bash. Buzz.] I stood there watching it.

Then I remembered how bees enable flowers to reproduce and fruit to grow. [More quiet, impotent buzzing. More frustrated banging.] Read the rest of this entry

Two signs of needing a change


Sign number 1–Change needed: sheets

English: flat sheets Deutsch: Bettlaken

English: flat sheets Deutsch: Bettlaken. You just learned a little German there. You’re welcome! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I changed the sheets on our bed. Admittedly, these probably don’t get changed as often as they should. The proof? When my daughter walked into the room, saw the folded sheets ready to put on the bare bed and asked, Read the rest of this entry

Don’t stare at women’s shirts


Undoubtedly you’re thinking this was an admonition I needed to give a child, particularly a male child. Shamefully, it was not. Instead it was a note to self.

We were at church, it was time for the sign of peace, I turned around to be neighborly to the people behind me, and found myself staring at a woman’s shirt while vaguely shaking her hand in my periphery and mumbling, “Peace be with you.” It wasn’t that she was super tall or overly large, and therefore I could see nothing but shirt, it was just that her shirt was such a lovely shade of blue in an appealing pattern that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Then I turned back around thinking nothing more of it. Suddenly I realized Read the rest of this entry

The homeschooling gods are smiling upon me


There are four weeks left of school. With another week of phonics looming, I grabbed the pile of my daughter’s first grade sight words.

Here is the pile: On the left is what we’ve done so far. On the right is what we have left to do.

z 006

As I picked up the smaller stack to look for next week’s words, these were the three words on top of the pile: Read the rest of this entry

I’d be wary of this one


A friend of mine posted this on facebook:

Can a two-year-old have aspirations to be a medieval executioner? She has a pair of toy pliers and is attempting to remove my toes while insisting that “it no hurt.”

Medieval torture rack

“You be fine, Mommy. It no hurt.” Medieval torture rack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[Several minutes later...]

Now she is approaching with a Read the rest of this entry

Reasons I love my girls


As many of you know, I have three daughters. They’re pretty cool most of the time. Yesterday at a party, when my middle daughter was handed an ice cream sandwich, she first passed it along to her younger sister, and then waited to receive one for herself. That’s one example. Here are a few more: Read the rest of this entry