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Two signs of needing a change


Sign number 1–Change needed: sheets

English: flat sheets Deutsch: Bettlaken

English: flat sheets Deutsch: Bettlaken. You just learned a little German there. You’re welcome! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I changed the sheets on our bed. Admittedly, these probably don’t get changed as often as they should. The proof? When my daughter walked into the room, saw the folded sheets ready to put on the bare bed and asked, Read the rest of this entry

The time I ate my kid’s popcorn


My husband and I were watching a video clip on youtube when our three-year-old daughter pulled out a bag of microwave popcorn from the cupboard and brought it to us. “What a wonderful suggestion,” we thought. So the video was paused, the corn was popped, and my daughter climbed onto my lap with her little purple bowl of popcorn as the video resumed. Adorably, she turned to offer me some. I politely accepted.

That’s when her trouble began. Read the rest of this entry

Grandparents do the funniest things

A Tau Emerald (Hemicordulia tau) dragonfly in ...

A Tau Emerald dragonfly in flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At my grandson’s birthday party there were about a dozen kids watching him open presents. One of our presents was in a stationery box filled with cotton from jewelry boxes. Laid nicely on top of the cotton was Read the rest of this entry

Oh, you have to eventually replace those?


When I noticed my first-born walking strangely for several days in a row, I decided to take him to the doctor and have him checked out. The diagnosis? Read the rest of this entry

Only at Walmart

A boneca de 10 mil reis do Dr Hollywood

A boneca de 10 mil reis do Dr Hollywood (Photo credit: Capitu)

After a night out with friends, I let my children stay up late because I still needed to drive the babysitter home. On the way back, we were about to pass a Walmart, when I remembered that we were going to a little girl’s birthday party the next day. If I didn’t stop in now, I wouldn’t have time to pick up a gift in the morning. Unfortunately, two of the kids were in pajamas and the third was wearing a swim suit! None of them had shoes on. Read the rest of this entry

Lost in translation


Being from Chile, I’m not aware of all the American slang terms. It took me a long time to figure out why I got so many strange looks from other moms when talking about my son’s Read the rest of this entry

She was clearly never a Boy Scout


I don’t even like carrying a purse, so a diaper bag was pretty much out of the question when I went to visit the parents of an old boyfriend with my newborn son. Naturally he decided to have a megapoop–out the sides of the diaper, all over himself, and me. I had nothing with me, Read the rest of this entry

Better leave the fashion to the females.


One Sunday my husband was in charge of getting our sons ready for Mass and then meeting me at the church. When he arrived with the boys, it was quickly apparent that my husband is not as in tune with our children’s wardrobes as I am. Read the rest of this entry

Always a silver lining


I had a lot of shopping to do and was hauling my son out of the car when I realized I should change his diaper. To save time I just pulled his pants down a little and slapped a diaper on him and hustled into the store. Read the rest of this entry