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Speaking of that MBA child…


When negotiations don’t work, there’s always this method…

It was time for me to start making dinner. My six-year-old asked what we were having. I told her sausage, potatoes, and corn or carrots. I even let her VOTE on corn or carrots. (She chose corn. Typical.) But then she decided she wasn’t a big fan of sausage and potatoes and asked if there were any other options. I did sort of feel like making tuna casserole since I had plenty of time for cooking, unlike some nights where sausage is the easy last-minute prep meal. So, I told her tuna was an option.

First she said, “Ohh, I don’t like that.”

I reminded her that she and her sisters always eat it up when I make it. Suddenly her eyes brightened as if remembering, so she wrapped her arms around my waist, squeezed me in a big hug, looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes, and said quietly but intensely, Read the rest of this entry

A Christmas dry run

English: A Christmas Tree at Home

English: A Christmas Tree at Home a.k.a. “The Target.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My children are practicing “how it’s going to go down tomorrow morning.” Up and down the stairs over and over, to be sure they get their route to the tree as stream-lined as possible. I can hear the oldest say, Read the rest of this entry

Just too cute not to share


My seven-year-old opened an educational magazine to an article about the life cycle of a butterfly. She then placed a stuffed caterpillar on the page in such a way that it looked like it was reading. She said to me, “Look, mom. Read the rest of this entry

Sharing the joy of potty training

A bunch of Jelly Belly jelly beans resting com...

I’d poop in the potty for these!

Before getting married and having children of my own, I lived in the garage of my brother and his family. When their third child was potty training there was a big celebration every time the boy used the potty. In addition to cheers and clapping, there were jelly beans! The good kind–Jelly Bellies that came in a huge tub from Costco. Not only did the boy doing the job get a bean, but his older sisters did, too. I suppose that was a good motivation for them to encourage their little brother to keep up the good work.

But the best part was, even though I wasn’t even in the house Read the rest of this entry

Justification for allowing weeds in one’s yard



This kind of cuteness:

My four-year-old was blowing dandelion seeds and making wishes: “I wish the car would be pink (blow . . .), I wish everyone would know God (blow. . .), I wish there would be more of these to blow.” Read the rest of this entry

Please, stop helping me!

English: Made from Bamboo Rattan Vietnam

Image via Wikipedia

I was nearly finished folding laundry on the bed when my two-year-old ran past the doorway. “Please just keep going,” I thought to myself. But, no, she stopped in the hallway, having spotted me, and came back. I could have closed the door, but that would only have piqued her interest. I then worked feverishly to finish folding the last items and get them to the safety of the laundry basket before my daughter got her hands on them, but to no avail.

“Stop helping me!” I said. “No, it’s okay. I got this!” But the feisty little Read the rest of this entry

Hey, I was going to eat that!


My 21-month-old daughter was pretending to take food from pictures in a book and then feed the food to me. She “picked” an apple, and offered it, saying, “apple?” I diligently opened my mouth, pretending to take and eat it. Next it was a cracker, and the process repeated. Then she held out her hand saying, “Cookie?” Read the rest of this entry

Infants understand more than we think.


On the day of my son’s baptism, the baptismal font was not warmed.  Father forgot to turn it on the night before, so the nave of the church was humming with the news as we stripped our newborn to be baptized.  I almost decided not to do a full immersion, but Father and my husband said he would be fine and the font really wasn’t that cold. Read the rest of this entry

Pump up the volume

We were coming home from a long day out and about and picking up our daughter from the airport.  Everyone was tired and wanted quiet. My son began demanding we turn up the volume on his movie.  After repeatedly telling him “no”, my husband said, “Just turn up your ears!”
My son then pinched the top of his ears and pulled them up for “volume”. I think he actually thought that worked.
Kathy, mother of 5