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I’d be wary of this one


A friend of mine posted this on facebook:

Can a two-year-old have aspirations to be a medieval executioner? She has a pair of toy pliers and is attempting to remove my toes while insisting that “it no hurt.”

Medieval torture rack

“You be fine, Mommy. It no hurt.” Medieval torture rack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[Several minutes later…]

Now she is approaching with a Read the rest of this entry

The budding fashionista


My children were watching a cartoon movie. It was one that they’d seen before. As such, I was rather confused when my four-year-old daughter quickly covered her eyes during one part. Usually once they’ve seen a movie for the first time, the scary parts aren’t so scary on subsequent viewings. But when I checked the screen, I saw that it wasn’t at all a scary scene.

“What’s the matter?” I asked my daughter.

“I just can’t watch this part,” she said.

“Why not?”

I could hardly believe her answer. Read the rest of this entry

Mommy goes out on the town: before and after photos

Mommy goes out on the town: before and after photos

I’m always unsure how to feel when my six-year-old daughter exclaims, “Oooh, you look pretty, Mommy!” when she sees me dressed up nicely to go out for some function or other. I simply choose to be flattered and cover her face with lipstick kisses rather than consider the implications of the surprise in her voice.

Most days I’m lucky if I remember to brush my hair. I don’t put on make-up, and I pretty much wear the same comfort clothes day after day until wash day. Yea, I’m a pretty sight. In fact, take a look. We’ll call this picture “before”: Read the rest of this entry

And the hits keep coming


Here’s a follow-up to the Do NOT drink the tea! story.

This morning my darling, homicidal three-year-old instructed my husband to be a dragon. Fearing what would happen if he didn’t comply, he roared and clawed at the air. She then said, “Here’s some food for you,” and put a Read the rest of this entry

Do NOT drink the tea!

We were sitting in the living room chatting while our youngest was playing quietly nearby with a tea set, some stuffed animals, and a few princess dolls.

“Does she always play this nicely?” My husband asked.

 “Sometimes,” I said.
Just then, as if on cue, she laid a toy cat down on its side, reached for a princess and said, “Now it’s time to Read the rest of this entry

I might as well have had boys!


My daughters are into this vast series of fairy books where the bad guy is Jack Frost. My six-year-old drew me a picture of a few fairies (sounds girly enough, right?) and of Jack Frost. As she’s explaining the picture to me she said, “This fairy is holding a pile of Read the rest of this entry

This one’s going to be trouble


Pouty (Photo credit: ‘Playingwithbrushes’)

For one thing, our six-year-old takes pouting to a whole new extreme. When we were all out and about and desperately hungry, we hit a drive thru. Evidently, it was not at our daughter’s restaurant of choice. She sat in her seat, silent, but wearing the puffiest lower lip imaginable. Then I actually saw her reach up and feel her lips to be sure they were in a downward position, lest she make some mistake in conveying her feelings on the matter!

But what’s even better was the night my husband tucked her in Read the rest of this entry